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US Formulated M.D.M™ Fizzle Pop Soda Miracle Of Slim Beverage 30's

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Miracle Of Slim
FIZZLE POP SODA, Can rapidly accelerate the burning of body fat metabolism and calories . 
While effectively preventing intestinal absorption of dietary fat, increases ATP activity, breaks down carbohydrates (sugar which is not able to be converted into fat), eliminate the accumulation of fat in the body 
Lemon being the main fruit, essential for the beauty, it is above all a very effective weight loss component. According to Modern nutritionist, thin lemon has high medicinal value. 

Its diet slimming formula, is safe and nontoxic !
FIZZLE POP SODA。。Natural fruit chosen as main ingredient ! ! 
Naturally strong antioxidant against free radicals , helps burn fat , regulates metabolism, promotes conditioning hormones, lowers blood lipids, and helps to regulate constipation ! 
★ only 1-2 packets a day, miracally burning excess body fat enables slimming down at top speed ! 
★ Visible results within 7 days, scientific formula slimming unknowingly ! The achievements of the perfect body curve in a short period of time! 
Best with empty stomach, for those with weak stomach, consume half an hour after meal 

[ Direction ] 
-FIZZLE POP SODA add about 100ml of water, stir well, drink after the bubbles gone.
-1 sachet per day, consume before the first meal of the day.  
-No alcohol, no coffee/tea, cereal, stop consume during menstruation if uncomfortable.
-For coffee/tea drinker, best drink after 4-6 hours from FPS. 
-3 months is a full course of treatment, strongly recommended to strengthen the best results and do not bounce effect.
-can take with MDM Raspberry detox for better and faster results

[ Capacity ] 
Powdered water-soluble ( lemon flavor ) 
30 packets ( for one month ) 

Not suitable 
Hypertension , children , pregnant women, breast-feeding 

Q: Who is suitable of taking the weight loss diet? 
A: Those between 18-50 years old 
So far, Postpartum and binge eaters has the best result 
Highest abdominal fat (spare tire) · Elephantiasis · Constipation . Pear shaped body has the best slimming rate 

Q: I have taken a lot of diet pills, however still no result? 
A: Up to now MIRACLE OF SLIM FIZZLE POP SODA has helped hundreds of people to lose weight 
A considerable number of people, where some of them have history of claiming very difficult to lose weight 
MIRACLE OF SLIM FIZZLE POP SODA was the answer to their nightmare 

Q: How long does it take? Will it rebound ? 
A: MIRACLE OF SLIM FIZZLE POP SODA need to have a course of treatment. According to MM 's response, generally 2-3 days 
Initially about 1-2 pounds thinner, depending on individual's physical absorption 

Q : What is the best way to consume MIRACLE OF SLIM FIZZLE POP SODA? 
A: Best with empty stomach, for those with weak stomach, consume half an hour after meal 

Q: Why no tea and wine while consuming Miracle of Slim Fizzle Pop Soda ? 
A: Tea and wine containts antidote resistance, these two drinks cannot be taken together as it will break down the potency affect of weight loss. 

Q: What will be the sympton ater consumpition? 
A: Thirst, which is common sympton in losing weight. 
Due to decomposition to eliminate body fat and metabolism, the body needs to consume a lot of water and fluids. 
* Satiety depending on individual,mainly plays a controlling role in excessive appetite 

Q: How to lose weight during a diet schedule ? 
A: The process requires large amounts of water at least 6-8 glasses of water a day (per cup 200ml) no special diet required. During the weight loss, consume regular meals up to 70% full, eat more fruits, less greasy snacks , best if raw vegetables with less staple food for dinner. No snacks, drink more water, drink less soda! 

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