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TST Tin‘Secret 庭秘密 Victoriah Slimming & Nutrition Combo Package 维多利亚营养塑身计划配套

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Package Included:
1 x Burn Fats Green Tea Coffee Powder (10g x 14 sachet)
1 x Chia Seed Protein Nutrition Meal Replacement Beverage (25g x 28 sachet x 2 flavor)
1 x Enzyme Fiber Detox Powder (20g x 14 sachet)
Free Gifts:
1 x TST Shaker (Limited Edition)
3 x Yeast Mask 3ml
1 x Mystery Gift

Selling Price
(Pink) Coffee Powder RM228
(Gold) Meal Replacement RM388
(Green) Enzyme Detox RM208
Combo (Pink) + (Gold) + (Green) = RM697
Save total RM127.00 !!

TST Tin'Secret Slimming Seaweed Powder Coffee 10g x 14 sachet
Waistline, belong to you plant factor formation in vivo tornado swept through large belly woman. Representative beautiful pink seaweed powder [coffee], it's low in calories, high in fiber, 
eat a small amount of weight loss will have a sense of satiety, and also [eliminate toxins, 
laxative, oil control whitening, acne, shrink pores, enhance immunity] is really a powerful product for you!

咖啡海藻粉固体饮料(10g x 14 sachet)


Chia Seed Complex Protein Powder Meal Replacement Drink (25g x 28 sachet) Chia seeds can be used as an important source of essential minerals such as phosphorus, 
magnesium, calcium and potassium. 

Every 3 teaspoons Chia: Magnesium content is 15 times the calcium content of broccoli is six times the antioxidant
content of whole milk is 30 percent more than blueberries potassium content of bananas is 2 times.

女神贡品,"籽"(只)想你瘦上天把营养的秘密,放在这一颗种籽里Tin’SECRET "籽"为尊贵的您。 







Enzymes Fiber Powder Solid Drink (Detox)
Remove intestinal toxins, regulation of intestinal health, to give the body enough nutrients intestinal achieve balance. 
60 kinds of fruits and vegetables fermented essence, from Taiwan, enzymes to practice - basic nutrition, 
fermentation metabolites, dietary fiber, trace elements.Green represents fitness complex plant enzymes 
[enzymes] is no stranger to everyone, but the "plant enzymes" probably rare. 
"Enzyme" is not a drug, but we need the human body a kind of "enzyme"! For girls, 
the enzyme can [detoxification, infertility treatment, care for the boys], [enzyme can quit smoking, drinking Liver]!

绿色代表健身的【复合植物酵素 】大家对酵素并不陌生,但是"植物酵素"可能并不多见。
"酵素"不是药,而是我们人体所需的一种"酶 "!
对于女孩子,酵素可以 【排毒,治不孕,护肤】对于男孩子,酵素可以【戒烟,喝酒护肝】!

Direction of Use: Human intestinal health of 14-day cycle (28 days)


Step 1: Green (14 pack) Detox: 7-8AM in the morning after breakfast.
第一步:绿色(14包)清肠:早上7-8点 早餐后吃

Slimming Tips: Early in the morning, drink cup of warm water before breakfast

Step 2 : pink (14 pack) Coffee: 3-5pm which is the body best time burn fat (improve body metabolism)

第二步:粉色(14包)消脂:下午3-5点 这是人体最好的消脂时间
Step 3: Gold (28 packets, tea + dinner meal) 
nutritional supplements: normal to eat lunch, 
afternoon tea, 4:00PM to eat a bag of sweet (4 flavors), bedtime around 11:00PM.


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