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TST Tin'Secret 庭秘密 Slimming Green Tea Powder Coffee 10g x 14 sachet

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TST Tin'Secret Slimming Seaweed Powder Coffee 10g x 14 sachet
Waistline, belong to you plant factor formation in vivo tornado swept through large belly woman. Representative beautiful pink seaweed powder [coffee], it's low in calories, high in fiber, 
eat a small amount of weight loss will have a sense of satiety, and also [eliminate toxins, 
laxative, oil control whitening, acne, shrink pores, enhance immunity] is really a powerful product for you!

咖啡海藻粉固体饮料(10g x 14 sachet)


Direction of Use: Human intestinal health of 14-day cycle (28 days)


Step 1: Green (14 pack) Detox: 7-8AM in the morning after breakfast.
第一步:绿色(14包)清肠:早上7-8点 早餐后吃

Slimming Tips: Early in the morning, drink cup of warm water before breakfast

Step 2 : pink (14 pack) Coffee: 3-5pm which is the body best time burn fat (improve body metabolism)

第二步:粉色(14包)消脂:下午3-5点 这是人体最好的消脂时间
Step 3: Gold (28 packets, tea + dinner meal) 
nutritional supplements: normal to eat lunch, 
afternoon tea, 4:00PM to eat a bag of sweet (4 flavors), bedtime around 11:00PM.


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