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Swiss Formulated R2 R-II For Men Or Women Forever Young Alpine Rose StemCell Whitening (20 sachet)

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The secret of natural whitening by Swiss Alpine rose stem cell, R II forever young.
SWISS Formulation Phyto Biotechnology

Eat/Drinking sunscreen!
Health Whitening big merger!
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- Rose Stem Cell
- Sakura
- Oryza Ceramide
- Pomegranate Powder
- Strawberry Polyphenol
- Konjac Ceramide

R-II ~ Rose Stem Cell Stem Cell Rose
Wild Rose R-II main ingredient is grown at an altitude of over 3,000 meters high Swiss Alps,

PhytoCellTecTM scientists using advanced technology, the R-II rose extract stem cells into
Water-soluble powder drinks, easily absorbed by the body.

For up to 18 years of research under Swiss nutritionist, confirmed R-II rose stem cells have the protection of human epidermal stem cells to enhance their survival and to promote epidermal hyperplasia. Also has excellent antioxidant, skin stay young muscular state. So as to breathe new life into the driving force behind hundreds of millions of skin cells, freeze state and eliminate skin melanin bomb slip.

R-II rose stem cell rich epigenetic factor, the unique trace elements, active ingredients that help regenerate damaged cells and metabolites, and enhance regeneration of human skin stem cells. Effective against the strong ultraviolet radiation, extremely dry and cold climate.

Main effects:
1. to extend the vitality of skin stem cells, repair and regeneration
2. whitening skin, reduce melanin formation
3. Improve the skin shiny and bright
4. protect the skin resist the cold, dry and ultraviolet radiation
5. Shrink pores, reduce wrinkles
6. Enhance skin moisture retention
7. Promote skin elasticity and smoothness of the delicate
8. Prevention of cardiovascular disease
9. Anti-aging, enhance immunity
10. Prevent osteoporosis
11. Cancer-causing chemicals into the body to prevent
12. Reduce the absorption of glucose

R II- Forever young was shown to:
• increase the vitality of epidermal stem cells by helping them to maintain their stem cell characteristics
• protect these precious cells against environmental stress.

By optimizing the potential of epidermal stem cells, R II- Forever young improves epidermal regeneration and thus the quality of the skin barrier.
A clinical study performed in the Alps during winter confirmed the capacity of rose stem cell to reinforce the skin barrier and to reduce aging signs (wrinkles, redness, loss of radiance).

R-II 采用的3R科技

修复、活化、再生 | Recovery • Activation • Renewal

R-II 玫瑰干细胞富含后生因子,独特的微量元素,活性成份,帮助受损细胞再生和代谢产物,增强人体皮肤干细胞的再生能力。不少女性在短短一个星期就看到了它的神奇效果,尤其是美白和皱纹的功效更令服用者感到惊奇。

东南亚国家的女性常年曝晒在阳光下,皮肤在太阳紫外线的照射下会在真皮层形成很多黑色素,经过新陈代谢,皮肤细胞一层一层的往上推移,黑色素也往上 推移,堆积在表皮层上,如果我们的皮肤新陈代谢比较快,黑色素就会脱落,要是新陈代谢慢了,就会堆积到表皮层,表皮层有的地方堆积的多,有的堆积的少,有 的厚有的薄,就形成了肤色不均。
R-ll的出现可说是东南亚国家女生的佳音,它有效低抗强烈的紫外线辐射、极度干燥及寒冷的天气,能从黑色素形成的源头,直接抑制黑色素母细胞被活 化,中和对肌肤有害的自由基并深层修护受损细胞,阻断形成黑色素的活化阶段,让黑色素细胞处在沉睡状态。让肌肤更加的美白和亮丽!

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