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Shaping Star SS Figure Tumeric Extract Body Sculpting Capsules 60's

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SHAPING STAR FIGURE 5 Efficacy Fast slimming ✨ 1. Control appetite · Relieve tension; Reduce appetite for snacks and effective appetite control 2. Promote calorie metabolism · Fat burning: speed up metabolism, increase fat burning rate, can consume up to 3000 per day Calorie, the speed of consumption of the body excess calories, burning fat 3. to improve the body toxins decomposition of intestinal toxins; decomposition of intestinal and human body of harmful substances and toxins, to promote weight loss, improve skin quality 4. inhibit fat formation · sugar and starch Quality barrier; to prevent the absorption of starch in the food with sugar, inhibit fat formation, to prevent fat abdominal, arms, thighs and buttocks accumulation, to achieve local body sculpting effect. 5. Weight management · Effective reduction of body fat rate to prevent the body to absorb the oil in the food to achieve a comprehensive weight management SHAPING STAR FIGURE five major functions 👄 1. control appetite 2. inhibit fat formation 3. weight management 4. to promote fat burning metabolic rate 5 Improve toxins in the bodyHealthy Ingredients - Ginger Tumeric- Raspberry - Garcinia - CinnamonSlim down easily with SS Figure 1. No side effects 2. No rebound 3. No diet required 4. No exercise required 1. 控制食欲·👉🏻缓解紧张情绪;减少对零食的渴望从而有效的食欲控制2. 促进燃脂新陈代谢·👉🏻脂肪燃烧:加快新陈代谢,提高脂肪燃烧速率,每天可以消耗高达 3000 卡路里,速度消耗身体多余的卡路里,燃烧脂肪3. 改善体内毒素·👉🏻分解肠道毒素;分解肠道和人体内的有害物质和毒素,促进减肥效果,改善皮肤质量4. 抑制脂肪形成👉🏻糖和淀粉质屏障;阻止吸收在食物中的淀粉跟糖,抑制脂肪形成,防止脂肪腹部,手臂,大腿和臀部积聚,达到局部塑身效果。5. 体重管理·👉🏻有效减低体内脂肪率防止身体吸收食物中的油达到全面性体重管理SHAPING STAR FIGURE 五大主要功能👄控制食欲抑制脂肪形成体重管理促进燃脂新陈代谢率改善体内毒素

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