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Russia Imported Phero-X Pheromones Men Attraction Perfume 5ml

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Pherox is not a pheromone derived from animals , so you can use it without worries. The study of the pheromone has proven that it can enhance the romantic nature of women and make them want more attention from men. International scientists who create these products guarantee 100% using Pherox will ignite your partner love.
Phero-X is very suitable for use in various situations including:


Phero-X is suitable for:

-Alluring Women
-Women make sense of Interested
-Gives you Power Smell "Masculinity" The Unique
-Men & Women make Know Your Presence
-Adjust the "Chemistry" Your Surroundings With People
-Making subconscious mind of People Under Your Surroundings So Positive
-Improve Your Hormones In Outer maleness

Pherox Ingredients

Pherox is a combination of 8 Human Pheromones:

Androstenone – Enhances the perception of male dominance. Causes sexual arousal in women. May cause aggression in some males, however this characteristic is "buffered". 

Androstanone – ‘Buffers’ the potentially objectionable reaction to androstenes, powerfully reinforces the social effects. Causes women to engage in sexually promiscuous conversation. 

Androsterone – Reinforces characteristics of androstenone. Promotes the sense of “trust” with potential mates. Lacks the aggressive dominance profile seen with androstenone. 

Androstenol – Social pheromone which elicits a strong social-lubricant effect, and reduces inhibitions. When combined with certain pheromones, opens the door to sexual arousal. 

Dehydroisoandrosterone* – Androgynous pheromone that has mild pheromonal effects alone. When combined with certain pheromones, uniquely reinforces the effect and character of each. Also is a fixative that moderates odor and promotes the linear time release of pheromones into the air. 

Epoxyestratrienol* – Novel and proprietary pheromone. Structure is based upon a modified 16,17-epoxy-estratrien compound which has been investigated for use to alleviate a woman's irritability during ovulation. Demonstrates strong pheromonal effects. 

Tetrahydrodeoxycorticosterone* – Novel and proprietary pheromone. Modified corticosteroid which lacks systemic corticosteroidal or endocrinological effects. Demonstrates extremely powerful “pheromone-like” activity. Continues to exert pheromone like effects for up to several hours after exposure, whereas androstenes lose effect within minutes. 

Oxytocin Analog* – Is a modified peptide based upon Oxytocin. Creates strong feelings of trust and deep connection. Demonstrates approximately 60,000% greater affinity vs. Oxytocin. Both compounds have large heavy molecules weights exceeding 1000 grams/mole. Therefore, the minute quantities of airborne Oxytocin cause negligible results. Using a far more powerful analog of Oxytocin ensures that the minute airborne quantities elicit substantial pheromonal results.

* Patent pending. Licensed Morgan Labs LLC. If you are not a chemist, some of the chemical names above may sound unsafe to you. Rest assured that Morgan Labs LLC pheromones contains only small amounts not to cause any adverse reactions, but strong enough to release ample amounts of pheromone molecules into the air. The VNO in the nose is sensitive and can detect trace amounts of these molecules.

Unique and Distinctive


With Pherox formula combined 8 human pheromones, you can communicate and increase attention around for you and ideally used by those who need attention (specifically of women).

Pherox is a complex and complicated formulas, you will generate a variety of effects and steal aura of human attention. The overall effect will make you feel easy to mix and mingle when meeting a contact.

Although the wearer will get different effects, but they will admit that getting more attention and smiles, especially from women! The truth certainly is unique pheromone scent, makes many people wonder in my heart .... "What is this smell?" due to the effects of pheromone play with their subconscious.

Studies & Survey on pheromone


An interesting fact is that pheromones can be detected only from the opposite sex. Pheromone molecules can be detected by the VNO ( " vomeronasal organ " ) located at the base of the nose. The information is then sent to the " hypothalamus " , almond -sized organ in connection with the brain . This is the area that controls the Emotional & Social Activities . Women who are exposed to human pheromone will feel more impressed without knowing why. This is what is commonly called " chemistry " .

Pheromone , even in small amounts will cause this reaction :
Relaxed mood
Feeling cheerful
Ovulation cycle change
Notion of how attractive you
Willing and desire to have sex with you

* VNO - Pheromone receptors hypothalamus ( Emotions & Sexual Behavior )

Every humans  produce and respond to pheromone . It is a hormone produced by cells of sweat pores and virtually odorless . Pheromone can be detected only by organ ( VNO ) veromenasal available at base of the nose . It is the most powerful hormones lady-killer in the world!

There are men who can produce a lot of pheromone , while there is a man
pheromone producing too little and perhaps none at all. Men are able to produce with many natural pheromone , they seem more charismatic and have the amazing aura .

Sometimes , though their appearance is not attractive, not a lot of money but they can capture the girls are very pretty and beautiful ! That's what ' body chemistry ' 's body odor that can captivate ( or maybe they were using power Pherox ) .

Pheromone ( hormone lady-killer ) has been produced by a reputable laboratory Morgan Labs ' in Russia. Arouse-Rx is a pheromone infused with plant-based oils , without any alcohol. So for those who are Muslims , there is no problem to pray 5 times a day .

Pherox contains pure human pheromone content , at the best possible high -grade , one of the highest concentrations compared to other brands in the market . YOUR OPTIMUM definitely get the impression each use . Normally, human pheromone found in crevices armpit sweating occurs when .

Natural pheromone is a very impressive evolution of life . Discovery scientists found that women choose men who would become the father of her baby based on factors PHEROMONE owned by the man.

Detailed Experiments on the Effectiveness of Pheromone


7-day study was conducted by a group of students majoring in chemistry and biology of three University of Canterbury . Group of students was divided into several parts in rotation .

Each day , half of the 10 who took part will be sprayed with the pheromone Pherox pure . The other half was sprayed with other branded pheromone , a substance Essentially is alcohol and water .

Earlier students do not know whether it was sprayed with the right formula or not . Last task students are those required to calculate the number of days they use a mixture of natural pheromone pheromone ineffective accurately.

Experimental tests when they were finally able to show scientifically Pherox effectively. They could feel the effects of magnetism generated by Pherox when they mix with men and women students . The students managed to guess the day they put on Pherox 77 % accurate and the results remain the same , each time the test is conducted .

The Effect of Pherox


will be able to see the effects of changes within 1-3 weeks of use . It depends on how much you interact with women. After 3-8 weeks you will be able to see positive change in your life .

Will indirectly boost self-confidence caused by all the positive responses received as :

-More eyes and smile without coercion
-Seen more attractive in terms of sexual
-Easier to make an appointment and sexual relationships
-More charm while having sex
-Improve the relationship was volatile
-Women are more friendly , soft and feel like chatting with the wearer
-Will try to seduce women without conscious ( spontaneous )
-Increase confidence daily
-Other men will be honored ( RESPECT )
-Study of partnership / business / employment / personal would be much nicer and either spontaneously
And MANY MORE ......

* Pherox different effects for each individual . It depends on the frequency of use and your own hormone .

How to use:

It's just like you use any perfume. Suitable from 18 years old & above. Use only 1-2 drops of Pherox at the pulse (wrist & neck) as quickly as 17 seconds u will feel the vibration, and it would last up to 6 - 8 hours.

Pherox will mix with sweat and will produce a scent that will drive most women crazy . With the aura of high Masculinity , it can give confidence to everyone you meet. Perfect for a loved one with an alluring aura skills increase . 

Differences with other brands:


Most other brands, have a disproportionate mix of pheromones . Pherox designed not to attract animals. It is designed to attract people. Most pheromones products in the market use synthetic pheromones animals, because it is cheap and easy to produce as much. Pherox is not about quantity, but about quality and created specifically to lure people.

What would you have later is highly valuable human pheromones , in the purest grade , 100 % ( androstenone ) 5 -Alpha - Androst -16- en- 3 -one and no other pheromones mix . But Pherox does not stop there . There are other products claim to be powerful , but Pherox is the only brand that produced by Morgan Labs laboratory in Russia are allowed to be sold in the USA with dual 25x concentration of active ingredients 

This means that 25 times stronger than the leading brands of pheromones. Compare us to the competition pheromones available, you will find no other product can match Pherox in the market right now. Pherox in Russia was ' EXPLODE ' there. We could make the same thing in here .

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