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Oops! Smooth Care Cuticle Moisturizer Smoothen Cream For Foot 50ml

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Most of us would be familiar with the story of how a simple glass slipper helped a prince identify the girl of his dreams after she mysteriously disappeared the night before. But little do most people know that girl was silently thanking her fairy godmother for spotting her cracked heels, which probably resulted from all the dancing at the prince’s ball. A lot of women would agree that glass slippers and cracked heels should never be seen together in public.

The awkward moment that you do not wish to happen in your life 

- Coarse heels would hook up and break the stoking 
- Painfulness is hard to endure 
- Cracked causes feet look rough and dirty 
- Affection of self confidence 

- Heels, shoulder and elbow would look dark during taking picture

Most experts would agree that the main cause would be the lack of attention towards proper foot care and proper foot hygiene. By taking care of your feet, you significantly reduce the chances of getting cracked heels and a host of other health problems. We walk and stand almost every day of our lives, so you can imagine the pressure that our footpads are subjected to. Normally, the skin expands sideways to reduce the pressure it’s experiencing. But when the skin lacks moisture, it isn’t supple or flexible enough to expand properly, causing skin to ‘crack’ and even bleed when the cracks are deep enough. This eventually becomes more painful and may even allow bacteria to enter the bloodstream and infect the wound.

Heel Crack Cream: 

the almost-magical but actually scientifically-proven ointment that helps to treat cracked skin surfaces including heels, knees and elbows. 

Main Function 

Protect while repairing cracked heels Moisturize skin to prevent dryness Regain youthful-looking heels, knees and elbows Lightens uneven skin tone of heels, knees and elbows

The Science Behind The Magic 
1)Aloe vera juice enriched with vitamins of A, E, C, B12, and folic acid, amino acids which helps to heal and close the wounds of severely cracked skin, Hydrolyzed elastin and collagen work together to maintain skin’s elasticity and help restore its shape when it stretches. 
2)Beta Glucan is a ‘protect and repair’ molecule as it increases natural self-protecting capabilities of the skin and also accelerates skin recovery. 
3)Olive fruit oil contain four major antioxidants, the “rich beauty powerhouse” which helps to get rid of dryness meanwhile brightens and makes skin tone more even.

1)Enjoy smooth skin on your heels, knees and even elbows when you use Smooth Care. 
2)Rest assured that you will never experience cracked skin again when you use Smooth Care. 
3)Be confident when you wear open-backed heels, short sleeved tops and knee-length shorts.


1. 粗糙脚跟钩破丝袜 
2. 龟裂裂痕疼痛难受 
3. 深浅不一的裂缝让脚跟看起来又粗又脏 
4 . 影响了自身的信心 
5 . 拍照时脚跟,手肘和膝盖会显得色素沉淀



1. 保护以及修复龟裂的脚跟 
2. 保湿以及防止干燥 
3. 恢复柔化的足部,膝盖及手肘 
4. 美白改善不均匀色素的足部,膝盖及手肘

1. 芦荟汁拥有丰富的维他命 A, E, C, B12,叶酸及氨基酸可帮助愈合龟裂的伤口 
2. 水解弹性蛋白及胶原蛋白可帮助复原肌肤的弹性 
3. B胶原葡聚糖扮演着“保护以及修复角色”的分子,加速皮肤自然疗愈功能。 
4. 橄榄果油有四种重要的抗氧化剂,这“美之果”称号的成分可驱逐干燥同时发挥美白及亮白护理平衡肌肤色素。

1. 享受柔化的足部,膝盖及手肘肌肤。 
2. 保证不再受龟裂问题干扰。 
3. 恢复了穿上露跟后高跟鞋,短袖衣与短裤的信心。

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