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Japan Formulated 45kilo™ [Halal] 100% Natural Healthy Detox Weight Loss & Slimming Supplement Diet Beverage 15gx15's

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100% Natural Healthy Weight Loss

Up to 5kg loss in 2 weeks and slimming results depend on individuals.

What is 45kilo?: 
45kilo is a combination of all natural ingredients which allows you to achieve your dream physique and ideal weight. 
Function / Effect of 45kilo: 
- target fat burning around waist, abdomen, buttocks, thighs and arms which are common areas
- increase metabolic rate
- loss weight and provide better physique
- provide dietary fiber for daily intake
- improve bowel movement
- provide better digestive system
Nature’s Precious Gift for a Healthy Weight-loss
  • Safe & steady weight-loss results.
  • Japan's most advanced extraction technology.
  • Variety of precious herbs collection.
  • Purely made from natural ingredients.
  • Non-toxic & does not cause side effects.
  • Developed to achieve weightloss results.

Recognition of Certificates :

Main ingredients for losing weight:
- Fucoxanthin
It accelerates the burning of fats and prevent accumulation of fats.
 - Psyllium Husk
It improves digestion, enable easy bowel movement, prevent constipation and remove accumulated fats.
- Prebiotics
It helps to suppress appetite and burn fat.
It helps in digestive system.
- Senna 
It helps burn calories rapidly and relieve constipation.
- Garcinia Cambogia
It helps to suppress appetite and burn fat.
- Guarana
It turns fat into energy, increases metabolic rate, suppress appetite and improves digestion.
- Fibregum
It helps in constipation.
- Wheatgrass
It helps to detox the body.
- Chlorophyll
It helps to improve the bowel movement and dissolve fat particles.
- Beneo
It helps to fight obesity and overeating.

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How long for effective visible result?
Within 15 days of consumption, you will gradually feel reduction around the abdominal area and your clothes will be loose.
What is dietary fiber?

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