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Japan Beaute Mori Sculpture DX Design Your Own Bodyline Detox Drink 14's

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Beauté Morî Sculpture DX

Beaute Mori 's Sculpture DX contains patented ingredient - Enmeiraku and variety natural ingredients, then produced by using advanced technology from Japan - S7X-Lactor. It helps to clear out heavy metals, hazardous substances, blood and cells of toxins in our body, through our excrete organ. Sculpture DX helps to inhibit the growth of bad bacteria, then improve our immune system, also increased motility of colorectal benign bacteria, makes detoxification enzymes (GST) active, resulting significant contribution to detoxification process. Besides, Sculpture DX helps to promote blood purification, prevent cell aging, anti-aging, also whitened and firm skin.
Potential toxins enter our bodies every day through the foods we consume as well as the air we breathe. We bring these toxins into homes without knowing or understanding the harm it can do to our bodies. If we were to take a closer look inside our bodies, we would find various particles and chemicals, such as, pesticides, metal residues and plastic particles and all other residues of modern life in our bodies. These potential toxins cause various problems in our body. For example, if we are feeling out of weather, suffer with various skin problems and have aches and pains and digestive disorders, it is time we considered detoxing our body. Detoxing is an excellent method of cleaning and nourishing our body from inside out. The process of detoxification aims at removing and eliminating toxins from our body. This in turn helps healthy nutrients enter our body and boost our immunity, so that we are protected from diseases, ensuring optimal health.
What is a toxin? Where all the harmful substances on bodily functions are called " toxic ". Most of the body of toxins from the body 's own metabolism, the body does not need a wide variety of waste generated out through defecation , excretion , sweating , spitting and other ways , in a timely manner to the body of toxins from the body.
The four main ways our body removes toxins are the liver, lymph system, digestive system, and cellular waste disposal. Since our sleep time is a primary housecleaning time, exactly how we feel when we wake up in the morning and how long it takes us to get our energy systems up and running are fairly good measures of how we detox systems are working. There is nothing worse than waking up and feeling like we did not sleep at all, a real toxic backlog.
In general there are four primary toxin removal systems that must all be working in harmony with each other. These involve:
a) The disposal of cellular waste products, especially lactic acid.
b) The removal of larger waste products through our lymph (smaller waste products go into our veins and are exhaled or sent directly to our liver).
c) The processing of toxins by our liver, most of which then go into bile and then into our digestive tract for final clearance (some are made water-soluble and go to our kidneys to be excreted in urine).
d) The final clearance of waste products by our digestive tract.
These four systems tend to flow from one to another. Any glitch in any one of these major systems of detoxification will back trash up in our body and cause problems.
Beaute Mori 's Sculpture DX use of Japan latest technology - S7X-Lactor coupled with patented ingredient, Enmeiraku and a variety of valuable natural ingredients to produce it. Through the chelation process will detoxifying or clear out the heavy metals and hazardous substances that stored in our organs, blood and cells of toxins through our excrete organ, and it then inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, improve their immune system, increased motility of colorectal benign bacteria, activate detoxification enzymes (GST), thus contributing to detoxification. In addition, it can promote blood purification of the body, prevent cell aging, anti-aging, whitening, firming, skin lightening and so on.
Is detoxification important ? The answer is yes, "It is very important." In human metabolism will produce more than 400 kinds of metabolic wastes, and it is a must for us to discharge 40 billion bacteria, bacteria, parasite eggs from our body daily. In human’s excrement, there is about 20% of bacteria and pathogens and if we failed to remove out within 24 hours will be giving a chance for them to breed more than 2 trillion bacteria. It might caused us accumulated a 3-25 kg of waste while our body can only drain out 20% of the through the bowel, and the rest of the toxins are gathered in various organs, including the blood, lymph, skin and even each cell. Will the person stay healthy? In fact, the consequences are disastrous.
Full of toxins in the body we can compare it as a fish tank, if you do not filter the water in the fish tank, the water tank was still muddy and caused fish hardly to survive. As our body detoxification through the skin without first perform other maintenance on health care programs, and the results would be futile. Therefore, detox cleanse the body skin care and health care is the first step of our health care!
Start your detox purifying journey with Sculpture DX to purify your body and mind at the same time, lightweight your body and spirit glow, experience from the inside out health and beauty. Eliminating the toxins in your body while inject vitality and energy for the skin to rejuvenate the skin and healthy body.
Chrysanthemum extract, prune fruit, Lactobacillus , mixed fruit (apple, pineapple, prunes), vitamin premix (vitamins A, B2, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin D3, biotin, folic acid, calcium, iodine, phosphorus and zinc), pectin, barley leaf, dandelion, spirulina, FOS (fructo-oligosaccharides), RO water

Enmeiraku ~
Chinese traditional medicine has been called the "detox holy grass", there are detoxification, eyesight, detoxification and other effects. Western also known as "immune enhancement expert", because it is rich in immunologically active ingredient. Because it has a cooling function, so it is often used to relieve the heat of the body and clear the body of accumulated toxic substances. When the body needs to increase endurance, can be used to enhance the vitality of Enmeiraku immune cells, the immune cells from the rest of the state alive. By stimulating the body's immune system and enhance the body's resistance to bacterial and viral infections , but also has the effect of antibiotics (equivalent to 3-5 times the west of antibiotics). Can purify the blood, promote blood circulation, but can also inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, promote good bacteria in the gut peristalsis, help digestion and excretion. Reduce the harmful effects of lead, aluminum, copper, silica and radiation exposure. Prevent free radical damage. Regulation of intestinal function, relieve constipation. The removal of toxic substances and heavy metals such as Aluminium and lead.
Pectin ~
Pectin is a natural polymer, which is mainly present in all higher plants, plant material in an acidic polysaccharide, it is important to support the material between the plant cells. Pectin and cell wall deposition in the primary layer, the primary wall with different amounts of cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin and some microfibrils extending fibrillin ( extensin ) crosslinked with each other, so that a variety hard tissue cell structure, exhibit the inherent shape, material for the interior of the cell supporting! Collagen fruit, good mineral that against viruses and bacteria. Also can help digest food residue left, thorough help clear the gut.
Barley Grass ~
Barley contains a very high natural vitamins and minerals. It leaves contain chlorophyll, amino acids, minerals, antioxidants, vitamins A, B energy production. Barley can maintain the immune system to protect the body tissu, to avoid being subjected to damage caused by a cancer. It has many benefits, and antioxidant activity of plant chlorophyll content, or other associated . Cholesterol-lowering effect has been attributed to the test sitosterol ingredients. β- sitosterol is thought to inhibit the intestinal absorption of cholesterol and bile acid metabolism in the decomposition accelerating effect.
Dandelion ~
Dandelion alleviate liver disease, diabetes, urinary system diseases, cancers, and anemia. It also helps to maintain bone health, skin care and also can help lose weight. Dandelion is a diuretic nature, and promote urination. We urine contains 4% fat, the more so the frequency of urination, water and fat will be discharged from the body, while not have any side effects. In addition, dandelion can also be used as a good source of fiber and vegetable categories. It can promote digestion, it has indigestion treatment. Furthermore , dandelion is a low- calorie, is sometimes used as a sweetener, since it contains a high content of Vitamin C.
Fructo-Oligosaccharide (FOS) ~
Oligo fructose helps improve and reduce the risk of colon cancer in beneficial bacteria . Relieve constipation, promote digestion and prevent edema , and reduce discomfort and bloating, improve and maintain the health and quality of life.
Spirulina ~
Spirulina has a completely unique combination of phytonutrients - including chlorophyll, phycocyanin and polysaccharides, can help clean the body of toxins. Spirulina is a kind of energy to help push the device , so it can help us to burn more calories. It can also increase metabolism, maintain body weight balance. As we age, our metabolism slows down. Spirulina increase can make our body feel younger and have better health. Spirulina even provide additional energy, improve brain power, when the work. It can improve the overall health and help people feel full of energy . Spirulina is particularly recommended for athletes, any bad eating habits or people who want to improve the immune system.
Lactobacillus ~
Refers to the production process of lactic acid bacteria from the fermentation of glucose or lactose. It allows the gut flora composition of beneficial changes occur, to improve the human gastrointestinal tract function and restore balance in the human intestinal flora, inhibit spoilage bacteria multiply, and immunomodulatory effects, enhance human immunity and resistance. Improve the vitality of SOD enzyme, eliminating the body of free radicals, and possessed anti-aging , longevity effect.
Prune Fruits ~
From California, its nutritious, rich in vitamins, minerals , antioxidants and dietary fiber, no fat and cholesterol, is the best modern health fruit, it is a "miracle fruit", "functional fruit" reputation. Can help lower blood pressure, sleep, heat fluid, strengthen the liver function, but also can reduce fatigue , relieve constipation, beware anemia, antioxidant 
1 box 14 bottles
Serving Size: 20ml/bottle
-Shake well and consume immediately
-Best Consume before bedtime 
-drink more water early morning and at least 3 litter perday
-Best served when chilled

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