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Germany Formulated V2 For women VIRGINAL QUEEN 100% Original Ovarian Beautify (20 sachet)

RM 150.00 RM 19,900.00

V-II Virginal Queen - Ovarian Beautify

Content: 20sachets/box
Direction: Take 1-2 sachet before breakfast per day. Dissove 1-2 sachet into a glass of water/ fruit juice, stir well and drink.

V-II, the best female life good helper!
Women of neww era generation, they have to face of socioeconomic problem and family pressures, the most sad problem is physiological problem. From the stage of teenage period, adulthood, middle age to old age, women must face all sorts of different physiological changes according to hormone imbalance greatly which affect menstrual problems, such as fertility, dry skin, face bleak, frigidity, breast sagging, premature aging and so on.

V-II - The latest women’s tonic
V-II - Solve the problem of women’s physiology:

Girl 12-20 years old: 
- Menstrual pain
- Unstable menstrual period
- Too much or too little blood
- Look Dull and Pale

Adulthood 21-35 years old:
- Vaginal irritation
- Endocrine disorders
- Loss of pregnancy
- Anemia
- Dizziness, headache
- Less of Blood
- Leukorrhagia
- Anxiety, worry

Middle age 36-50 years old:
- Uterine cancer, breast cancer
- Pigmentation, dark complexion
- Vaginal dryness
- Sagging breasts
- Wrinkles, dry skin
- Various women’s diseases
- Vaginal relaxation

50 years old & above:
- Menopause symptomms syndrome group
- Insomnia
- Aging fatigue
- Heart disease
- Incontinence
- Osteoporosis

Benefits of V2:
- Enough blood for menstrual regulation, female beauty stay tune
- Menstrual pain lesser, lesser vaginal discharge, not easy to feel cold
- Improve frigidity
- Eliminate odours uterus
- Cervical Cancer Prevention
- Bust firming
- Improve sleep, pigmentation
- Delay menopause
- Endocrine conditioning
- Conditioning postpartum uterine prolapse

- For female only
- Suitable for female within 12- 80 years old

Main Ingredients

Kaqi Fatimah Kacip Fatimah

  • Maintain a youthful, anti-aging skin smooth and delicate
  • Enhanced femininity
  • Coordination of married life
  • Enhance the chances of conception
  • Strong bone, enhance memory
  • Menstrual allowed
  • Improve menstrual pain, vaginal discharge

Papaya Extract Papaya

  • Promote metabolism
  • Enhance immunity
  • Prevention of cardiovascular disease
  • Improve diabetes, cancer
  • Eliminate fatigue, intestinal peristalsis
  • Repair of cells and tissues, bust up

Red Grape Extract Red Grape

  •  Elimination of free radicals
  •  Antitumor
  • Prevent platelet aggregation

Motherwort (Leonuri)/ Motherwort

  • Blood to regulate menstruation, bleeding, abdominal pain, vaginal discharge for women
  • Nephritis edema, smart head, shun gas bleeding
  • Tailou dystocia, uterine bleeding, menstrual disorders
  • Pants shrink, anti-inflammatory, diuretic
  • Bleeding, menstrual pain, infertility
  • Hematuria, uremia, the wind
  • Uterine cancer, breast cancer, dizziness

Oak gall extract Manjakani

  • Strengthen and firm the vaginal wall
  • Recovery vagina tight
  • Reduce vaginal discharge odor
  • Improve frigidity
  • Dissemination of women’s charm


Pueraria Lobata Mirifica


  • Promote cell regeneration
  • Regulating physique
  • Bust Up and bust friming
  • Eliminate toxins from the body
  • Increased libido
  • Ease the female endocrine disorders
  • Restore youth 

V-II 9’s most wanted of a women


1). Lack of sexual life for those loose vagina caused by compression of the female vaginal muscles toe coccyx (medicine called PC muscle) contraction Zhang sexual activity, vaginal wall exudate is seeping under stimulated. Young healthy women PC muscle function is good, elastic index is high, when in their sex life, PC muscle will lead to vaginal rhythmic compression, bring immense pleasure to both sides, PC excessive stretching and contraction of muscle fibers, the vagina becomes smooth without wrinkles, dryness and loose the majority, reflecting the decline stimulate the vaginal wall exudate reduction, followed by a request to reduce sexual libido gradually indifference, sexual pleasure base dissipated, couples career than ever before, and its direct impact on the quality of life is landing. So vaginal relaxation is married life “cooling agents”, the couple emotional “third party.” 

2). Postpartum women were genital and uterine damage care, rapid discharge of residual cells in the vagina and toxic materials, but also can quickly restore vaginal elasticity and sensitivity.

3). Office of the lack of long-term sitting outdoor sports, women’s long-term wear tights. Due to slow blood circulation, muscle metabolism and poor reproductive organs, nerve endings cell activation ineffective, reduced sensitivity.

4). Vaginal dryness, easily lead to organ damage qualitative women.

5). Gynaecological diseases, such as vaginitis, cervical decay and inflammation, endometritis, uterine prolapse, pelvic inflammatory disease, annex inflammation, vaginal odor, fungal infectious disease, uterine fibroids.

6). Sex marital disharmony life, the need to improve the condition of vaginal relaxation, improve sexual sensitivity, understanding adolescent feel, enhance vaginal muscle contraction force, hoping to get more for your husband, doting female.

7). Middle-aged women have amenorrhea due to middle-aged women after menopause, vaginal dryness and often in a closed state, the old cells can not be excreted with monthly blood.

8). Overcast blow dry, as if when deflated vaginal sex, sexual process of blowing cold air. Vaginal dryness, discoloration, sex becomes painful torture.

9). Face dull, plaques, acne who TCM theory “is exhausted woman with blood, Lai has raised blood” and mechanism based on “any two veins were washed from the cell, the uplink in the face” of. Chong and Ren second pulse blood filling material is the basis for the movement of basic female physiology, liver, kidney, spleen, stomach efficacy disorders, affecting any hard red blood filling, showing the face dull, dull, irregular menstruation. So not only is good or bad blood in the face, but the body is healthy in a real response. Either red blood filling two veins, the body healthy, the skin delicate, soft white, shiny, no pigmentation.


1). V-IIplant extracts are natural foods?
V-IIplant essence is a natural drink, full conditioning of female hormones, endocrine system, muscle stimulation can restore the young, vaginal intercourse to increase the quality of contraction.
2). V-IIplant essence is safe to drink it?
V-IIplant extracts are from Germany, using high-tech Sino-Germany Collaboration Biotechnology unique formula made ??from the world’s recognized authority SGS tests proved non-toxic and safe to drink. Ministry of Health Malaysia (KKM) multiple testing agencies proved free of heavy metals, medicine and doping ingredients.
3). Which women should not drink V-IIplant essence?
V-IISecurity degree V-II plant essence is very high, but for safety reasons, pregnant and lactating women hanged.
4). Drinking V-IIplant essence how long can be effective?
Most people drink, can have a good striking effect within two weeks (28 years and older are encouraged each morning and evening a pack), the most obvious is increased secretions, pants shrink, make married life more feeling, more likely to climax met.
5). V-IIplant extracts can be long-term drinking it?
Yes, because it is a natural drink, plus the body always will be aging. Long-term drinking will make cell activity, greatly improving the quality of life, beautiful skin, more youthful, as if living in the reversal of time.
6). Plenty of people drank V-II plant essence, there will be some reaction, such as: menstrual allowed, skin, face, chest and lower body will be a little itchy feeling, what you can continue to drink it?
Yes, becauseV-II is a full-conditioning plant extracts female physiology nutrition, this process will cause the affected area of the body has all sorts of Dusk dizzy responses to this phenomenon is the better part of a brief response, ease of drinking, usually within a week will disappear.
7). V-II plant extracts and other products can drink it?
Yes, because V-II plant essence is a healthy food, not a drug.
8). Drinking V-II-dependent plant extracts drink?
Will not.
9). How to drink V-IIplant essence?
Every one to two small, empty stomach, the better. See Yee women over 28 years old sooner or later each one package.
10). Why V-IIplant essence how fast it effective?
Because V2 plant essence is the use of high-tech, dissolving sublingual absorption through the mouth, without gastric damage, quickly absorbed by the body.


Better Response

  • Improved response after useV-II exhaust all the different secretions
  • Different better response drinkingV-IIprocess will occur, each person’s experience will be different in different physical condition. Since the V-IIhas the function of self-examination, it will troubleshoot the cause of your potential, the Chinese say “pain is unreasonable, General does not hurt,” so if the above reactions occur, do not panic.
1. White thick

Endometrial shedding of dead skin shade is not fully discharged within the next years stacked formation, thickening of the intima.

2. Rubbish like

Menstrual period is not broken capillaries piled discharge, inflammation, trichomonas vaginal inflammation, lower fungal vaginal inflammation;

3. Purulent blood sample or brown dirt

Cervical erosion, chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, endometritis, has done laser, cryosurgery.

4. White wrapped inside of a black residue samples

Long bleeding, cyst.

5. white wrap of white or yellow rubbish

Annex inflammation, vaginal inflammation.

6. Brown meat tissue

Childbirth, abortion residual tissue.

7. Long white meat like tissue

Ren Chong disharmony, stagnation, stasis knot together to form a mass, probably polyps and tumors.

8. Green flesh-like tissue

Hepatobiliary bad, the formation of inflammatory necrosis;

9. Hairy like tissue

Had a miscarriage not clean tissue;

10. Thick like fat fish tissue

Done miscarriage.

11. Purple flesh-like tissue

Postoperative residual fibroids.

12. Parasites

Blood parasites, under the shade of parasites.


13. Bloody vaginal discharge

Cervical erosion.

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