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Germany Formulated K2 K-II For Men Phenomenal King 100% Original (20 sachet)

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Research & Development

German developers did number of studies and come into the results that showing more than 15 kinds of trace elements like: flavonoids, glycosylated flavonoids, straight-chain organic acids, steroids, androgen, etc., are proved to be effective to promote cardiovascular circulatory system, without adding burden to the nerves, muscles and heart. These substances provide rapid supplements to the body’s energy, endurance and stamina. With all these substances, K-II is the best nutritional supplement for all sports enthusiasts.


Medical studies have proved that high levels of flavonoids and flavonoid glycosides can promote blood flow to the male reproductive organs, prompting cavernosum smooth muscle cells activated cyclic guanosine monophosphate CGMP, produce relaxation effect to increase blood flow, may promote normal organ function and improve sensitivity degree, improve health and promote marriage life better. Besides, the report shows the usage of K-II improve health while bring no side effects for men.


K-II uses the latest German extraction technology, a unique complex formula consists of three main natural ingredient silymarin, cynomorium, red Pueraria cream fermentation. These ingredient enhance the effect of K-II so much, and they are easily absorbed by the human body.


K-II consists of pure natural plant extracts, popular in Europe, one of the first successful men products! applied under the tongue absorption.

K-II dissolved in mouth under the tongue and hundreds of nutrients are absorb unconsciously. Effective after consumption of 2 to 5 sachets. Proved effective by number of users and 95% of them are satisfied with the result and return to get more.

The world’s best men’s treasure, soon will be the hottest product in Southeast Asia. Is definitely your best choice!


Main Effects:

1 Protection For Liver

2 Reduce fatigue

3 Moisturising the skin / Balancing of the endocrine system

4 Improve insomnia problem

5 Reduce diabetes / blood pressure / cholesterol

6 Reduce menstrual pain / vaginal / cold

7 Improve man sexual function

8 Increase physical strength and endurance

9 Anti-aging

10 Improvement in nocturia

11 Helps with inability to urinate / hemorrhoids

12 Improve Prostatitis / Urination Issues


** 1 sachet each day, sugest morning before meal, suitable for adults and athletes.

Pour K-II powder top of the tongue and let it be dissolve and absorded.

If you find no suitable with the above method, you may mix the powder with water.

True Stories:

Mr Lim: 53 years old

I was suffering diabetise for a long time. Blood circulation of my foot is bad and the turn dark. I had to take injection daily to control the sugar level in my body.

At the same time, I was suffering protatitis, urination problem and sex incompetent.

One week after I took K-II continnuosly, I had a routine checkout at hospital. The doctors was so surprise that my sugar level is under control and I need not to take any medicine or injection for my diabetes. Blood circulation of my feet are getting better and the urination problem is now gone away.

Further more, I am gaining back my sex life and I feel young again!

Thanks to K-II.


Mrs Tan: 56 years old

Facing severe neurological problems for more than 10 years, which cause limitation of my hands movement. This seriously affect my daily life, I can’t even do simple house work, even switching on lamps and fans are impossible to me.

A friend recommended my to to K-II, on the second day of taking K-II, I have severe ache on my both arms. The pain is killing me and I almost gave up taking K-II. My friend encourage me to continue the consumption of K-II and finally after one month of taking it, I can move my arms freely. And suprisingly, my diabetes is improved, my sugar level drop from 17 to 6 points. I no longer have to take diabeties medicine.

K-II is miracle! Thanks K-II


Old man: 73 years old

Having prostate problems, urinary difficulties and frequent urination at night.

Since taking a box of K-II, to alleviate his problem, urine smoothly, reducing the number of nocturia, from the initial four times to 3 times, then reduced to two times, after a medical examination, indicate that the tumor is decreased.

Surprisingly, after not feeling sex for more than 10 years, I begin to enjoy my sex life again.


Coffee Shop Owner: 38 years old

Feeling too much stress after working long hour in the late evening.

Started drinking K-II, taste good, sweet pineapple taste, smells, drinking the next day feeling full of energy, suddenly confidence, then a packet a day, constipation improved, sleep well, thinking becomes clearer, start to enjoy intercourse.

At the same time introduce K-II to neighboring friends, friends after drinking all praise good!

Here I want to recommend to you men, be sure to try the magical k-II.


Kedah Che Man: 50 years old

Diagnosed with hereditary diabetes since the age of five. Began to take medication since youth and started to take insulin injection at the middle age.

Frequent urination, thristy cause by diabetes and fatigue is wearing hime off.

Suffering for imcopetent in sex.

Things get better after taking K-II. Health is improve and start to enjoy the pleasure of intercourse again.


Allan: 42 years old

Suffering with years of severe distress uric acid, restriced from taking soy foods and seafood, continuously taking painkillers and seeing doctor for injections to control the disease. At the same time, suffering from pylori, high cholesterol and severe migraines. Even the insurance company will not insured my condition.

“Went to a lots of specialists and try many drugs but nothing is improved.”

Start taking K-II a packet daily. My body ache severly and needed to admit to hospital to take injection to relieve the pain. After two weeks, my body back to normal. Run a medical checkup, and the doctors, insurance companies could not believe, my severe uric acid, spirochetes, cholesterol, migraine lump them altogether resolved, finally accept my insurance company insured, leaving me and my wife even more pleased that my sex life 15 years younger, like “wedding night” kind of feeling again.


Mr. Soon: 58 years old

Suffering for severe hypertension for 13 years and taking medication daily is a must. Have been emergencyly admited to hospital twice in the middle of the night. Besides, having problem with urination, frequent urination and sex function issue. Medication does not seems to help a bit.

After 1 week of taking K-II, urination problem is improved. And start to enjoy the pleasure of sex life again. Thanks to K-II.


Improved Response

Reference list for Physiological reaction & treatments after using K-II:

1 Light Physiological Reactions~

Include: drowsiness, fatigue, stiff neck, diarrhea (soft stools, several times a day, diarrhea not accompanied with abdominal pain), mild itching, and more fart and so on.

2 Heavy Physiological Reactions~

Occur: headache, dizziness, fever, single sitting, eczema, joint pain, blood sugar, blood pressure, asthma, vomiting, loss of appetite and other symptomms.


Flares occur after using K-II is the short-term reaction to body health improvement, it is not the side effect.

Reaction occurs vare varies from person to person.

1. Acidic Body ~ Dry throat, fatigue, body limp powerlessness, urinary frequently, fart frequently.

2. High Uric Acid By ~ Body aches and even edema, according to the degree of symptomms different reactions, intermittent consumption.

3. Skin Allergies ~ Early skin itching intensified, gradually slow down, can be intermittent consumption.

4. Neurological Disorders ~ Autonomic hyperactivity excited cause insomnia, night unfit for human consumption.

5. Hypertension ~ Feeling dizzy, neck stiffness, phenomenon lasted one week.

6 Anemia ~ Have a slight headache and dizziness (accompanied by women during menstruation).

7 Bad Stomach ~ Chest tightness, fever stomach feeling, poor appetite, want to vomit.

8 Intestinal Bad ~ Have diarrhea or stomach stool dark phenomenon vary.

9 Liver Bad ~ Want to vomit, jealous photophobia, itching or skin rash, drink plenty of water.

10 Cirrhosis ~ Bloodshot occasional stool blood clots, avoid greasy fried foods.

11 Kidney Disease ~ May have urinary protein, face or feet have edema.

12 Diabetes ~ Unstable or high or low blood sugar, and occasionally there will be edema feet.

13 Pimples ~ Early will increase slightly, detoxification phenomenon, will soon disappear.

14 Hemorrhoids ~ Stool occasionally bleeding or bloodshot.

15 Bronchitis ~ Have dry mouth, cough, asthma, vomiting, dizziness, vary.

16 Lung Bad ~ Increased cough, phlegm thick yellow.

17 Sinusitis ~ Nasal congestion, runny nose increased thick.

18 Rheumatism ~ The affected area will have a slight pain, a few days later disappeared.


K-II Frequent Asked Questions

1). Is K-II a natural foods?

K-II is a natural health food, from natural herbs and plant. K-II supply liver cells and promote cell regeneration, metabolism, improve energy and reduce fatigue.

2). Is K-II safe to human body?

K-II is edible and safe, because K-II is produced by pure natural plant extracts. It is a food, not a drug.

3). What are the benign reaction of K-II?

K-II has the ability to promote regeneration, blood circulation and prostate problems. The body will become energetic and improve the body’s explosiveness and endurance for sports enthusiasts and effectively increase the quality of sexual life.

4). Who should not be taking K-II?

For safety reasons, children, dialysis, pregnant and lactating women are recommended not to take K-II.

5). How long it takes to have the result after taking K-II?

Most people will have significant improvement on their body after taking K-II for 2 – 5 days. The results include increasing in stamina, energy and endurance and improve married life.

6). Is okay to take K-II for long-term?

Yes, because the K-II is a food, not a drug, long-term drinking can make liver cell activation, energetic and reduce fatigue.

7). K-II will be dependent drinking it?


8). Can K-II be taken together with other products?


9). How to take K-II?

Take a sachet a day with empty stomach and take more water for your body.

10). Can women take K-II?

Yes. K-II is a full range of nutritional supplements liver, improve physical function, activation of liver cells and reduce fatigue.

11). Can we take K-II when drinking?

Only take K-II at least 2 hours after drinking.

12). Why drinking K-II will cause back pain and even dizziness?

K-II consists full range of nutrients for liver cells. It is quick and effective way to boost metabolism, blood circulation and detoxification function, so that the body can have more adequate access to nutrition and energy. This process might causes flares, back pain, headache, dizziness phenomenon on most people. But this is benign reaction of body, usually will disappear within one week after consistent use of K-II.

13). Can diabetes patients takes K-II?

Yes, they can. K-II oligosaccharide sugar is easily absorbed by the body, improve intestinal health and able prevent colorectal cancer.

14). Why K-II effect comes rapid?

By using the German technology, K-II is placed under the tongue and quickly absorbed by the body, which caused no harm to the stomach acid. K-II is very easy to carry, is your good partner to add energy anytime.



1 轻度好转反应~

包括:睡意,倦怠,肩颈僵硬,腹泻(软便一天排几次,好转反应的腹泻不 伴随着腹痛) ,轻微的痒,多放屁等。

2 严重好转反应~

出现:头痛头晕,发烧,长疮,湿疹,关节痛,血糖升高,血压上升,气 喘呕吐,食欲不振等症状。





1. 酸性体质 ~ 喉干舌燥,倦怠、全身酸软无力感,频尿、屁多。

 2. 高尿酸者 ~ 全身酸痛甚至水肿,依症状程度反应不同,间歇食用。

 3. 皮肤过敏 ~ 初期皮肤发痒加剧,逐渐减缓,可间歇食用。

 4. 神经失调 ~ 自律神经亢进兴奋导致失眠,晚上不宜食用。

 5. 高血压 ~ 头昏脑胀的感觉,肩颈僵硬,现象持续1个星期。

6. 贫血者 ~ 会有轻微头痛头晕现象(伴随女性月经期间)。

7. 胃不好 ~ 胸口发闷,胃发热的感觉,食欲较差,想呕吐。

8. 肠不好 ~ 有泻肚子或粪便黝黑现象,因人而异。

9. 肝不好 ~ 想呕吐,眼红怕光,皮肤会痒或出现红疹,多喝水。

10. 肝硬化 ~ 大便时偶尔会有血丝血块,忌煎炸油腻食物。

11. 肾脏病 ~ 可能有尿蛋白,脸部或脚部会有水肿现象。

12. 糖尿病 ~ 血糖不稳定或高或低,偶尔脚部会有水肿现象。

13. 青春豆 ~ 初期会稍微增加,排毒现象,很快就会消失。

14. 痔疮者 ~ 大便偶尔会出血或血丝。

15. 气管炎 ~ 会有口干,咳嗽气喘,呕吐,头晕,因人而异。

16. 肺不好 ~ 咳嗽加剧,痰多稠黄。

17. 鼻窦炎 ~ 鼻塞、鼻涕增加浓稠。

18. 风湿痛 ~ 患部会有轻微酸痛,数天后即消失。



K-II 常见问题

1). K-II是天然食品吗?


2). K-II对人体的安全性如何?


3). 饮用K-II有哪些良性反应?

由于促进肝细胞再生能力,血液循环及男性前列腺问题。人体会变得精力充沛,提高人体的爆 发力与耐力,适合运动爱好者及有效增加房事素质。

4). K-II有哪些人不宜饮用?


5). 饮用K-II多久才可见效?

一般人在饮用K-II后,2 – 5天内都能有很好的效果,增加体力、精力和耐力,能让夫妻生活更加美满。

6). K-II可以长期饮用吗?


7). 饮用K-II会有依赖性吗?


8). K-II可以和其它产品饮用吗?


9). 如何饮用K-II?


10). 女性可以饮用K-II吗?


11). 饮用K-II能喝酒吗?


12). 为何饮用了K-II会腰背酸痛甚至有头晕的现象?


13). 糖尿病患者是否能饮用K-II?


14). K-II为什么效果那么快?






1. 怕冷,白带,长期经痛,工作压力,平衡内分泌

2. 血压偏高,保护肝脏,肝硬化,改善睡眠

3. 严重糖尿病,夜尿,小便断续续,前列腺

4. 减轻疲劳,无精打采,力不从心,帮助精力旺盛

5. 降低胆固醇

6. 便秘,痔疮,促进血管循环系统

7. 维持正常性机能勃起

8. 提高性功能,增加性机能敏感度

9. 预防记忆力衰退

10. 减少脱发

11. 使骨骼结实

12. 延缓衰老

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