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France Formulated Elastine Collagen Jelly (4 Box)

RM 285.00 RM 39,900.00

Main Effects
• Stimulate collagen synthesis
• Prevent and diminish wrinkles
• Increase moisture level of skin
• Softer and hydrated skin complexion
• Skin becomes firmer and elastic

- Promotion Of Autologous Collagen Synthesis
- Promotion Of Cell Proliferation
- Accelerated Wound Healing
- Relieve Muscle Fatigue
- Improve Skin Elasticity
- Reduce Wrinkles

Isomaltooligosaccharide (prebiotics)
- Promote production of probiotics 
- Helps reduce blood lipids 
- Improve Calcium & iron absorption
- Suitable for diabetics
- Conducive to weight loss
- Conducive to defecation
- Low in calories
- Does not stimulate insulin secretion 

Vitamin C
- Brightening
- Whitening 
- Avoid Melanin Synthesis 
- Enhance Immunity
- Promote Collagen Synthesis
- Enhance Detoxification Process Of Drugs Or Poisons 
- Sober Up 
- Promote The Absorption Of Iron 
- Relieve Toxic Of Heavy Metals
- Prevent Cancer
- Free Radical Scavenging

- Blood Purifying
- High in Minerals
- High in Calcium
- Alkalizing
- Anti-oxidants
- Detoxifying
- Boost Weight loss

Serving Instruction
Tear the stick and ready to consume. This product should consume straight after opeining.

Storage Condition
Product must be stored in temperature below 30ºC and preferably refrigerated. A non-conclusive temperature environment may cause discoloration and a watery texture.

This jelly comes with natural liquid fruit juices to enhance taste. When tearing, take care to avoid spilling.

Recommended Dosage
Take 1-2 stick daily.

Serving Size
20g per stick

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