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AB Rocket Exercise Slimming and Fitness Gym Equipment

RM 149.00 RM 19,900.00

Take Care of Your Health with this Fantastic AB Rocket. Like having a gym for your abs. AB Rocket Exercise Slimming & Fitness Gym Equipment is designed to deliver amazing results by focusing on targeted abdominal areas to help create a sleeker, slimmer and better defined you. The tight abdominal area focus cuts your workout time in half so that you can get the results where you want them without wasting any time.

The innovative seat design allows you to twist and turn your lower body to maximize your workout. Further, the cushions support and massage you while you exercise, eliminating neck and back pain. The AB Rocket is a complete package as far as giving you what you need to get the body you want.

Using all of these together will amplify your efforts and ultimately your results. So that you can get the body you crave and get healthy all in the comfort and convenience of your own home! No more costly gym memberships for you!

  • Targets your core muscle for a stronger & leaner abdominal

  • Designed with three different levels of resistance

  • Traditional floor crunches strains your neck & back. Ab Rocket Supports your neck and back with the contoured back rest

  • Achieve amazing results without the pain

  • All you need to do is just rock & twist. It is as easy as rocking in a chair!

  • Lose 2 inches in just 12 days!

  • Infused with Exercise Efficiency Technology that gives resistance when you move both up & down. Double the impact!

  • The twist feature will melts away you love handles

  • Very safe and very effective way to train your core muscle

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